Life can be as easy and fun as you want to make it...

Wouldn't it be great if you could create your life in a way that focuses on what is most important to you, where you can make your own rules and give yourself permission to do what you love, that feels easy and struggle free? Well, it's available to you NOW!

Live what you value, do what you love.

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Our values are like our compass.

They steer our choices, behaviours and actions in the direction of what we believe in and what is most important to us.

When we are living in alignment with our values, life feels easier, magical and more fun! We enjoy what we do, are fulfilled by ouractions and make better choices.

Doesn't that sound like a great place to be!?

I'm here to help you:

  • Uncover your true values, what is important to you at a soul level and what inspires you.
  • Explore ideas and reimagine your direction, aligning your values and your path to an easy, fun-filled life
  • See the possibilities for creating and transforming your future by taking inspired action!

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Guiding women to align their life with their values creating more ease, fun and fulfilment.

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Everything you need to break free from the mediocre and make your life incredible!

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Uncover your values

and integrate what is most important to you into your life with ease. Individual assessment and reflection.


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Individual, tailored guidance to define and leverage your values, align your strengths and create a path for a future you deserve.

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Hi There

I'm Katie, nice to meet you!

The important stuff first...






At a high level, these are my top 5 values!

Yes, this is me on my wedding day! I love this photo (and have a dislike for corporate photos) as this is me at my happiest, living my values AND had the luxury of professional hair and make-up stylists and a great photographer!

Now the other stuff...

I have a degree in psychology, a post grad in business and marketing and an extensive career in recruitment and HR in large corporates. I have run my own resume writing and career branding business working with hundreds of beautiful clients, and the common thread that runs through everything I've done has been my obsession with VALUES and how they influence our careers, relationships, life choices and futures. When we flow in the direction of our values, life is easier, more fulfilling and fun!

When we make unaligned choices we feel stifled, stuck, bored and frustrated. In my years of designing values-based strategies and processes, and connecting with individuals to identify what is most important to them and guide them in making values-aligned decisions,

I have witnessed incredible transformations in happiness, fulfilment and fun, achieved through new jobs and career changes, major life decisions including travel, relocations and new relationships. I have also seen transformations through small adjustments and embracing opportunities my clients wouldn't have had the insight or confidence to previously take.

It all comes back to values, and setting the compass on your path of most importance.


I am your guide on your pathway to more fun, more fulfilment, more happiness and more success!

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