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Future Freedom

Live what you value. Do what you love.

You can choose your direction and shape your future

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When you understand who you are and what is important to you, your future direction and next steps are clearer and easier to envision, so you can take supportive action to achieve what you want.

What does Future Freedom look like to you?

A new job or a career change?

Going back to study or learn a new skill?

Moving house or relocating to a new area?

Travelling the world and working out your next steps as you go?

When you know what you value and what direction you want to take, taking those steps can feel easy and fun when you are true to what is most important to you.

What lights you up?

What feels easy and natural to you?

What gives your purpose?

When you work with me in Future Freedom, we identify what is happening in your life that does not feel aligned with you. We then uncover your values and what is important to you and see how these can be incorporated into your current situation and future direction.

The 1:1 session is for 60-90 minutes, with a follow up call 2 weeks later.

The investment is $349 per session.

This is your opportunity to create your future freedom in a life you love!